Winning Stories

Success Stories Round-up - December 2014

Hello again compers!  How has your week been so far, any nice wins to report?  Just the one win of the New Year so far for me – some chocolate ginger biscuits from Border Biscuits on Twitter – not great for the start of the New Year health & fitness kick hehe.  Are you all back to school and work now?  My kiddos went back to school on Tuesday, and were actually quite glad to be off seeing th

Success Stories Round-up - November 2014

Hello again compers!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report?  Hubby managed to win himself a Budweiser Christmas jumper from the on-pack promotion too – we will be like Howard & Hilda come Christmas time haha!  Nothing else for me this time, but have been working so hard that comping has taken a bit of a back seat.  Can you believe it is December already?  Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet?  Ours went up at the weekend, and we a

Success Stories Round-up - October 2014

Hello again compers!  Well, here we are in November - that came around quick didn’t it!  Seems like only 5 minutes ago the kids were starting back at school, and here we are the other side of the first half term!  I feel like I am properly into my comping groove now, and getting myself nicely organised for the impending comp-fest that is December and the advents!  Do you enter the advent competitions, or do you stick to yo

Success Stories Round-up - September 2014

Hello again compers!  Well, October has crept up on us hasn’t it!  It only seems like yesterday that I was preparing everything for the Back to School rush, and sending both my children off to start school again.  Both my girls are now full time at school, freeing me up to concentrate on work and comping again – hurrah!  Having said that, wins for September have been a bit sparse – just 13 w

Success Stories Round-up - August 2014

Hello again compers!  Well, here we are in September, the summer holidays are over, and normality has resumed – well it is starting to normalise in this house, slowly.  My eldest went back to school today, starting in Year 4.  My youngest is starting Reception, but won’t go until Monday next week, so she has a few more days grace yet.  I am starting to get back into comping a little more, now that the evenings aren’t exclusively spent out of doors, and early nights are the order of the day in the week again.  August wasn’t too bad for wins – 16 prizes in the end, m

Success Stories Round-up - July 2014

Hello again compers!  August is well under way now isn’t it – scary how fast the weeks go this time of year!  Have you been having lots of fun over the weekend?  After the rush of the End of The Month Competitions, I treated myself to some “down-time” this weekend, and spent it enjoying Cowes Week with my family – lots of live music, a glass or two of cider, and generally enjoying some relaxation time!  How about you, have you managed to switch off a bit this summer, or are you always thinking of jobs that need doing, and comps that need entering (I know I do, and

Success Stories Round-up - June 2014

Hello again all!  Summer seems to be starting to take hold nicely here on the island!  Our car has finally came home fixed this week, so I am starting to make plans for beach picnics and forest walks already!  I had a nice little win to end June and help get organised for summer too – a summer kit from Nivea consisting of sun creams, after suns and beach toys!  This was a perfect win for me – what’s on your Wish List at the moment? 

Success Stories Round-up - May 2014

Hello again everyone!  Summer definitely seems to be on the way here in the South – the annual stockpile of sun creams, after sun, bottles of water and sunhats has begun in earnest at my house!  At this time of year it is so very lovely to go and enjoy some lovely quality, family time out in the sun, and we all seem to have less time available to devote to our favourite hobby of comping!  In this way it is sometimes really nice to have a peek at what others have been winning over the last month, to give us all some incentive to keep going and having a comp when we have a s

Prize experiences

Over the years, Compers News has included the stories of many compers who, rather than simply winning money or a particular product, have got their hands on an experience.

One of the main 'experience' prizes that people like to win, of course, is a holiday. And there have been lots of people who have appeared in the mag that have managed to get their hand on this sort of prize, one of the most exciting that any comper can claim!

Lucky winners from the pages of Compers News in 2013

As always, Compers News was there to report on some wonderful wins as the months rolled by last year…


Our first issue of 2013 had an unusual front cover, themed around compers publications over history, and so didn't include the usual winning stories.

Inside though, Kat, of Compers News' diary team Helen and Kat, was reflecting on 2012, and the prizes it had brought, such as a trip to a polo match. Her vivid description was a treat!