Prize experiences

Over the years, Compers News has included the stories of many compers who, rather than simply winning money or a particular product, have got their hands on an experience.

One of the main 'experience' prizes that people like to win, of course, is a holiday. And there have been lots of people who have appeared in the mag that have managed to get their hand on this sort of prize, one of the most exciting that any comper can claim!

The good thing about a holiday prize is that it can potentially give you a whole period of time to - hopefully - just have a good time, without the usual issue of having to pay for it!

Holiday comps can offer you any range of the following things: You may just get accommodation costs covered, you may get your trip to and from your destination covered by the prize too. Sometimes particular experiences are thrown in with the prize, sometimes food and drink and sometimes - when things get really exciting - some spending money for the trip!

It's no wonder holiday comps are popular when the idea of being able to take yourself away for a break is such an exciting prospect for most of us.

Remember to look at the terms and conditions for the comp, to see exactly what you're getting, and whether there are certain dates the holiday might have to take place between.

Also, keep in mind that some comps will give you a break for two people, while others will cover a family, for example, (often defined as four people). You might want to focus your comping on those comps that fit the sort of group you'll likely want to head away with - though some people will end up entering comps even if they can't instantly think who they'd invite along with the prize!

To pick just one travel comp that has appeared in our pages recently, Karen Bond got herself a spot on our front page after she picked up the prize of a Lapland holiday.

"I don't know why I didn't believe in Father Christmas because I have met him now and I can tell you he really does exist," she quipped in the report she gave us following her Airwick at Asda comp win.

Karen, who has a teenage son, made the trip with her friend Helen and two other teen travellers. As well as great scenery, activities like husky sledge riding were on offer on the trip.

In the very same issue, another great travel-themed comp win also received page space.

Emma Furniss wrote about getting a London break that featured chauffeur-driven travel to and from the city, a VIP experience seeing Jessie J, a hotel stay and seats at smash-hit play War Horse, which Emma called "the most amazing show I have ever seen" in her piece. The comp was from American Express in this case.

Another type of prize that is very much a special experience is when winners are able to meet someone famous or particularly celebrated.

Of course, we've already mentioned Karen Bond meeting Father Christmas himself! But there are other people that compers have met through prizes they've told Compers News of.  

For example, our November 2013 issue saw Thelma Winyard tell us about meeting the chef Paul Rankin in a comp prize.

And back in the February 2013 issue, members could read about Rachel Simmons' experience meeting the band Nickelback.


In the June 2011 edition, Ann Coghlan wrote of winning a styling experience with TV's Gok Wan in a Boots Snack a Jacks comp. Anne and her friend Karen cried with excitement when they heard about the win!