Success Stories Round-up - July 2014

Hello again compers!  August is well under way now isn’t it – scary how fast the weeks go this time of year!  Have you been having lots of fun over the weekend?  After the rush of the End of The Month Competitions, I treated myself to some “down-time” this weekend, and spent it enjoying Cowes Week with my family – lots of live music, a glass or two of cider, and generally enjoying some relaxation time!  How about you, have you managed to switch off a bit this summer, or are you always thinking of jobs that need doing, and comps that need entering (I know I do, and try really hard not to!)

July for me wasn’t too bad for wins – 23 overall, mainly small but I did manage to win both my girls a similar prize to avoid arguments!  The eldest got a year’s subscription to Stew magazine, for 8-12 year olds, which I won in a blog comp.  And then I managed to win my youngest a bundle of CBeebies magazines in a Facebook comp, which allowed them both to enjoy doing the same activity at the same, time, with minimal bickering! 

Have you been getting the children involved in your comping yet this summer?  Mine have been busy building indoor dens and drawing tigers, and we have a few writing and photo comps in the pipeline that we need to get on with!  Maybe your children will have a nice win over the summer to go back to school and tell their friends and teachers about!

Do you sue the Chatterbox message boards?  If you don’t currently use the forum, you should do!  It is a great place to make friends, get motivation by reading everyone’s winning stories, get help, tips and advice and to find some brilliant new comps as well!

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing prizes you, our members, have been winning during July:


  • Tickets to see Arcade Fire in Hyde Park, from a Daily Star competition entered through the Chatterbox Magazine Exchange (future blog on the Magazine Exchange coming up, so keep your eyes peeled!)
  • Tickets to a red carpet gala screening of Get Carter - including champagne and goody bag - won from a local paper
  • A Samsung 40” TV from the National Geographic Channel – this was a member’s first win!
  • A weekend break to Holland, including a private tour of The Mauritshuis Gallery, from Grazia
  • A bed worth £1,100, from a Facebook Like & Share comp
  • £250 Garden Centre Vouchers, from a local competition
  • £100 Red Letter Day vouchers from the Walkers Pops on-pack promotion
  • A Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, from a Vodaphone Facebook comp
  • Festival tickets and camping for West Park, with OK! Magazine
  • A PS4 and game package, from Empire Magazine
  • A trip for 2 to Barcelona, from a Pepsi text competition


My pick of this month’s winners has to be our member that won BIG on the Big’n’Fresh penalty shootout game.  Their skills netted them a 50” TV for their efforts, but when it arrived it was even BETTER – a 50” super-duper, top of the range 3D smart  TV – what could be better for watching the new football season on!  Well done to the very lucky winner!

So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your August copy of Compers news, browse through the Chatterbox forum and get entering!  It could be your fantastic prize win I highlight in next month’s blog!

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x