Success Stories Round-up - December 2014

Hello again compers!  How has your week been so far, any nice wins to report?  Just the one win of the New Year so far for me – some chocolate ginger biscuits from Border Biscuits on Twitter – not great for the start of the New Year health & fitness kick hehe.  Are you all back to school and work now?  My kiddos went back to school on Tuesday, and were actually quite glad to be off seeing their friends again.  Only 6 weeks til the next half term, and that will fly by!  Are you managing to stick with your New Year Comping Resolutions so far?  Mine was to focus more on entering comps for things I really want from my wish list, rather than trying to enter everything and anything.  I am desperate to win a holiday this year, so I have been entering lots of comps for holidays and short breaks so far this year – here’s hoping it pays off!

December wasn’t too bad a month for me wins-wise.  I ended up with 19 lovely prizes, but they dried up completely after 19th December!  I think my comping time reduced so much with the run up to Christmas that my hit rate just dropped too.  I was reasonably successful on the advents too, but my fave prizes for December have to be the Kindle Fire HD 6 I won in a Facebook Like & Share comp which had over 20,000 entries, a Tinkerbell dress and DVDs from a Twitter party, 2 prizes from my local high street advent (a £10 coffee shop voucher and a cuddly penguin) and a Cineworld cinema voucher from a twitter comp.  How about you, what were your favourite wins during December?

Judging from Chatterbox you lovely people have had some brilliant wins over December too.  Here are some of the best I spotted:

  • A £100 hamper in the SoGlos advent comp
  • £415 worth of Mountain Warehouse clothing and shoes, from their Facebook Winter Wishlist comp
  • An iPad Mini, from the Daily Express
  • £400 cottage break, from Bloom Gin
  • Several more washing machines, from the Wilko comp
  • 6 bottles of Villa Maria wine
  • £750 bathroom voucher, from the Style at Home Tag Your Tub photo comp
  • £100 theatre tokens, from The Pass magazine
  • The top prize Sherwood Forest break and runners up £100 Waitrose vouchers, both from the Alpro toppings comp
  • Various pub-related experience days, from the London Pride competition
  • £200 House of Fraser gift card, from a Facebook comp

I think the title of best runners up consolation prize has to go to the member who had a winning pop up from the Jet2 advent competition – only to discover it entitled them to a free cup of tea on their next flight with Jet2 – does life get any better haha!

My fave win of the month has to go to the lovely member who bagged £1,000 in Love2Shop vouchers from Woman’s Own magazine!  There wasn’t even any notification before it arrived ether – just a large bulky envelope arriving, and vouchers spilling out when it was opened like a scene from Breaking Bad!  What a fabulous win, happy shopping!

Good luck with the January comps everyone, can’t wait to start reading everyone’s wins!

Happy comping and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Hi Kirsty
Happy New Year and well done on your prizes. I didn't win much in December; 2 free bars of chocolate from Cadburys win a banger, £1 next purchase of corned beef (!) from Princes and second prize in the school's Grand Christmas raffle - £50. Did not do many advents but received a letter earlier this week to say I had won £50 in The People Codebreaker from 7 December. You could clearly see through the envelope that the date on the letter was 22 December so there may be more things coming your way, you never know!
My comping resolution is to be a bit more organised and my general resolution is to socialise a bit more, I'm inclined to stay in and never join anything. But today I have been to the Parent Group at Thomas Bewick special school and to Sewnsews, a craft group at my friend's local church - I am very much a beginner with my knitting though.
I have actually won 2 prizes in January, the other one is a comping surprise pack from a U2U on Chatterbox. I looked at sunflower girl's comp where you pledge to set a U2U in January and thought well, if I win one, I'll do one. I know what to set for a task, I just need to sort out a prize. Funnily enough, the U2U I won asked the question 'what do you like to win?" so I'm going to have a read through that to see what most people like.

And an email has just popped up from Emerald Street saying they have 100 beauty treats to give away from 12 January to 6 February so a visit to is in order.
Good luck with all your entries