Success Stories Round-up - September 2014

Hello again compers!  Well, October has crept up on us hasn’t it!  It only seems like yesterday that I was preparing everything for the Back to School rush, and sending both my children off to start school again.  Both my girls are now full time at school, freeing me up to concentrate on work and comping again – hurrah!  Having said that, wins for September have been a bit sparse – just 13 wins, and none of them very big!  I did win an odd one though – 3 months membership to The Sticker Club on Twitter.  My girls will be sent a pack of exclusive sticker sheets every week for 12 weeks, and judging by the first pack they are really nice quality and I shall be saving them for special craft projects.

Reading the Chatterbox forums, I know that our members have been MUCH luckier than me, as usual, this month.  I have seen some awesome wins – let’s take a look at some below:


  • At least 2 winners on the Tena daily comp – winners have chosen Tea at The Ritz, and a Country manor weekend
  • 3 night trip for 2 to Paris, including dinner and excursions from the co-op Haagen Dazs comp
  • An iPad, from the Red & Black books comp
  • Lots of members won the Tesco Capri Sun Lunch / stationery comp
  • £1,000 Farm Stay vouchers, from the Morrisons / Maltesers comp
  • £1,000 cash in a That’s Life Magazine comp
  • 4 night holiday to Finland, including food and spa use from the Moomins creative comp
  • A £1,250 bundle from Country Cottage magazine including a £750 voucher for a Coast & Country Cottage break, a Riverford foods holiday box, a cooking day and more!
  • Several members won a Landmann BBQ and 6 bottles of Lindeman’s wine, in conjunction with Asda
  • Lots of winners in the Tesco / Rowntrees Hudl comp
  • A few members won iPad Airs in the Spar Shop & Scan comp
  • A VIP weekend in Budapest, from the Co-op Desperados comp


My pick of this month’s wins has to be our member Julie who won the amazing Nokia Lumia Dreamworks competition with her winning slogan “#worldexplorer With Dreamworks magic, the Dragons soar, Lumia please transport me to LA for enchantment galore.”!  She will be jetting off to Los Angeles for a tour of the Dreamworks studio!  What an amazing prize, have a fabulous time – can’t wait to see the photos!

What is on your Wish List at the moment?  I am trying to get ahead for Christmas, so trying to win some Amazon and Marks & Spencer vouchers, toys, Christmas decorations and novelties, as well as the obligatory food hamper – never won one yet!  I am still on the hunt to win a London break for me and hubby, as well as scooters for my youngest. 

So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your October copy of Compers news, browse through the Chatterbox forum and get entering!  It could be your fantastic prize win I highlight in next month’s blog!  Let me know what you are trying to win, and let us know how you get on with October’s comps too – we love to hear your wins here and on the Chatterbox forum.

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


It's been a very good month for me, and I've won an array of usual prizes which include
Pom Bear hamper
Ginger Bear voucher
Football and England Polo shirt
Cake baking kit
Shampoo, Rucksack, £10 Tesco gift card
A Furby
12 jars of coffee
Tickets to a local Food and Drink Festival

The small wins keep us going until the big ones come along.

Happy Comping to us all.

Well done Jean, that is a lovely haul of prizes! All round to your house for coffee and homemade cakes then!
Agreed, the small wins keep us going until we get the next really big one. Christmas isn't that far off now, so for me we are getting into the busiest quarter of the year. Keep going, LOVE reading people's prize stories!!
Lots of Lucky Dust
Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty
October really has crept up, certainly on me! Really busy at work, scarcely time to breathe and so tired my day off is just running round to catch up with the housework. Comps? What are they?
We HAVE been enjoying some prizes; Rachel won £40 to spend in Fenwicks Toy department in one of their competitions. Fenwicks have these comps EVERY school holiday and we've been entering for YEARS, finally struck lucky. Funnily enough, the granddaughter of another member of our group also won one of Fenwick's competitions this time and got the same prize.
Rachel chose Rainbow Dash My Little Pony, which I think talks or flips or something, been too busy to have a good look. She had also set her heart on a Build a Bear bed; Build a Bear have a concession in Fenwicks but the voucher didn't cover that so I swapped her the cash for vouchers and bought a game of Operation as a Christmas present; don't know who for yet, may even be Rachel! I had said to share with Adam but he didn't want anything at all, bless him.

Also, on Monday, we finally got round to having our meal at Antico; bg treat for my husband and I to be out without the kids. My best friend managed to tear herself away from her boyfriend long enough to babysit. Linda usually likes to organise us - she's a retired primary school teacher - but she's had other priorities lately.
The meal was delicious; Antico's is Italian but we had potato skins, chicken with goats cheese and parma ham and chocolate cake. Wine was included, not that either of us drink but it smelt really rich and delicious and Dominic decided he would try it after all - hence the cake.
I don't know when I'll win anything else - have hardly had time to comp at all though did manage to win a second free bar of chocolate on Cadburys win a banger. I forgot to get the first one.....
Good luck everyone


Hi Kathryn

Lovely to hear from you. Agreed, this is the time of ear that it goes quickest I think. We are all back into routines, and before we know it, it will be Christmas - yippee hehe!

Aw what a lovely prize for Rachel, sounds like she got a nice treat! Nice to be able to squirrel something else away too. I am thinking of getting Operation for my 2 this year as well. Think we are finally past the snakes and ladders stage with the youngest, and can progress on a bit! My eldest loves the Catchphrase game but our 4yo doesn't really get it yet lol.

Awww so glad you got your meal out too, it sounds wonderful! Chocolate cake, yum yum! I made jam donut muffins this week (from a recipe a member posted on my British Food Fortnight comp), and they were delicious! Glad it made so many as there are still plenty after all the school lunchboxes. Will be taking them on picnics this weekend too I think.

No wins here either yet - except for a twin pack of something called Zip Stix! They are flat small plastic strips that get loaded into a devide tat rolls them up and shoots them off into the air to do tricks etc lol. My nephew will love it as part of his Christmas gift I am sure!

Keep on comping when you can, chat soon I am sure!

Kirsty xx