Success Stories Round-up - August 2014

Hello again compers!  Well, here we are in September, the summer holidays are over, and normality has resumed – well it is starting to normalise in this house, slowly.  My eldest went back to school today, starting in Year 4.  My youngest is starting Reception, but won’t go until Monday next week, so she has a few more days grace yet.  I am starting to get back into comping a little more, now that the evenings aren’t exclusively spent out of doors, and early nights are the order of the day in the week again.  August wasn’t too bad for wins – 16 prizes in the end, most of them small but I did win a very nice £40 to send at, which I will use to buy my girls an outfit each and put by for Christmas.  The rest of my wins were small – notebooks, cereal bars, tote bags, backpacks and a hand painted tea light holder.  Can’t complain though, as I hardly comped for the first half of August.

Reading the Chatterbox forums, I know that our members have been MUCH luckier than me this month.  I have seen some brilliant wins – let’s take a look at some below:

  • A hamper of Jacob’s Creek wine and Wimbledon goodies
  • An Xbox console, from the WIlko / Lynx comp
  • LOTS of our members won Landmann BBQs, with the Nisa competition
  • A US Open tennis trip to New York, including flights and accommodation with Angostura and Sainsbury’s
  • A 2 night stay in Herefordshire with meals, cider and soft drinks, with Westons Cider and Costcutter
  • At least 4 iPad Minis and iPads, through the Co-op Procter & Gamble text comp and the Premier Stores competition
  • A VIP music break, with Desperados beer and Tesco
  • An iPad Air, from the daily Spar “Shop to Win” promotion
  • A Nintendo 3DS and game, from an entry form Toxic magazine competition
  • A member’s husband won £1,000 in Virgin Experience vouchers, from a Facebook like & share comp
  • £1,000 of John Lewis vouchers, from the Tesco / Vanish text comp

My pick of this month’s wins is our lovely member who won one of the Coors Light adventure competitions.  She has won a trip to Portland, USA for 2 including flights, accommodation, car rental, spending money and a private moose safari!  I was entering these ones too, and am very jealous – what other hobby gives you the opportunity to go on something like this?  Have an amazing time! 

What is on your Wish List at the moment?  I am desperately trying to win my youngest a scooter (her birthday one got broke), a laptop for my husband (the fan has gone on his, and it heats his legs up to molten temperatures when he uses it), still trying to win a break away to London for me and hubby (we never got a honeymoon 5 years ago, and we would love a night away without the kids), and anything I can put away for Christmas (Amazon vouchers, toys, books, Christmas items).  Is anyone else starting to squirrel bits away for Christmas?  I have a few bits already, and the Amazon pot is starting to fill up nicely too.

So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your September copy of Compers news, browse through the Chatterbox forum and get entering!  It could be your fantastic prize win I highlight in next month’s blog!

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Would love to win a good digital camera

Ooo me too! I only use my iPhone really for photos, but would love something to take better quality photos xx