July Success Stories

Hello everyone!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report? Just one win here since last time, but it was quite a nice one. I won a one to one cake painting class and a lovely book too from a cake making magazine comp. I am not sure if I am going to be able to attend the class itself, but depending on where it is I am going to try as it sounds like a lovely experience! We took the girls and one of my eldest’s friends to see Inside Out this week – what an emotional rollercoaster that was! If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to take a pack of tissues with you if you have pre-teen age kids – you might need it! I am looking out for more Inside Out merchandise comps now, to go with the Brush Time packs me and hubby have both won.

July didn’t work out too bad a month for me, despite the children being off for some of it and my working more around the edges so we could have some time off camping etc.  I managed to win 18 lovely prizes – most of them were small but all gratefully received.  I think my favourite prize was the £50 Fayre & Square food voucher I won on Twitter with Bella magazine.  Whenever we visit my parents in Peterborough we always treat them to lunch in their local pub – which just happens to be a Fayre & Square pub.  This win means we can treat them to their usual lunch, safe in the knowledge a large portion of the bill is already covered – hurrah!  I also managed to win five books form Goodreads over the course of the month too, so that should keep me busy over the summer – if I ever get the chance to relax haha.

Judging from the Chatterbox Forum our lovely members have been busy winning more awesome prizes too.  Let’s have a look at some of the brilliant prizes you have been winning:


  • At least two more members off to the USA, with the M&Ms on-pack promotion
  • £1,000 supermarket vouchers, gourmet hamper, DAB radio and salad cream, from an on-air radio comp with Heart
  • An iPad Mini, from a Beano magazine competition
  • £4,200 of Asda vouchers, from an Asda comp
  • £140 Ticketmaster vouchers, from the Yorkie on-pack competition
  • A trip to Space Camp in America, from a video competition with The Telegraph
  • A designer watch worth £175, from the Watches2U daily comp
  • Lots of winners of Asda vouchers, from the Asda Celebrations comp
  • Several Merlin Annual & Day Passes, from the Poundland & Kinder promotion
  • A luxury trip to Paris including helicopter ride, champagne tasting tour and spa treatments, from The Sunday Express
  • A sewing machine worth £6,400, from Janome


The little wins I am most coveting this month are the BBQ kits that Heinz is giving away.  As some of you may now we have recently started to get into camping in a big way, and even bought ourselves a camping BBQ – but we have no tools or accessories!  I must look out for promotional packs of Heinz sauces, and try and win us one of these fab packs!

Huge congrats has to go to our lovely member who won the top prize in the recent Skyr yogurt promotional at Morrisons.  Lillyinthesun has managed to win a fabulous trip for two to Iceland, including excursions and £1,000 spending money – what a once in a lifetime win!  We had at least one member who also won one of the five runners up prizes of £1,000, so a big well done to Nicky37 too!

Here’s hoping for more lovely wins this month, and keep telling us all about them on the Chatterbox Forum - I for one love to read all about your fabulous wins!

Happy comping and lots of Lucky Dust to you all! 


Kirsty x


Hi Kirsty
Not a great July for me, only managed to win one prize. That was courtesy of SuperLucky Di telling us all about a YO Sushi competition with thousands of prizes. You had to submit a photo of your #Yoment and I duly got an email to say I'd won a Japple Pie. Bit disappointed tbh as altho we go to YO Sushi quite a lot we don't usually buy any sweet stuff there. However, when the bright orange envelope turned up, it actually contained a £5 YO Sushi voucher, which is much nicer and will be used.
So far in August I have won 3 prizes but when I got a WTC yesterday to say I had won tickets for Tennis Woodstock, I had to decline them as it was from 4.30 today and I didn't have enough time to organise anything. I said they would be better giving them to someone who would definitely go (tho I did get the impression that either I wasn't the first person who had called or they hadn't had many entries).
Finally won an Inside Out brushtime kit from Aquafresh so that should be arriving and the other prize is from a U2U on chatterbox, a souvenir from the National Railway Museum in York so don't know exactly what that is yet.
Bit disappointed not to win with Poundland, I am absolutely skint! Once I had taken that receipt out of my purse, I had 13 pence, a trolley token and an odd earring. Luckily found £3.57 down the side of the chair!

Well done on your wins too, Kirsty, 18 wins is pretty good going
Kathryn x

Hi Kathryn Lovely to hear form you and sorry for the delay in replying. not sure where the month is going - seems to have all merged into a blur of working, shopping for school, family activities camping and Cowes week! I just know it I going to be September before I know it! I think July was a funny month for lots of compers so I wouldn't worry - I hope your surprise form York turns out to be something nice! Finding money down the side of the chair surely counts as a win too! Take care and catch up soon! xx