Waitrose Competitions, help needed


I am trying to obtain the winners lists for Waitrose competitions. Have you sent for a winners list lately, and not received a reply?


Please leave details of the competition as a comment on this post, thank you.


I've sent for a couple of Waitrose Winners Lists and had no replies. Hopefully they will take more notice of your requests than mine!
Keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much for letting me know.

I asked for some names because a friend won £100 worth of wine two months in a row but they refused to give me details

29/05/2015 19:26

Hi Abbie, we contact the winners directly rather than publishing their names in a list
29 May

Abbie Webb

29/05/2015 23:23
Abbie Webb
Is it common for the same person to win a competition two months in a row for the same prize?

30 May

30/05/2015 08:44
We can't confirm but the winners are chosen at random so this is a possibility. Thanks.

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Hello Abbie, thank you for the comment. Could you please email me with more details of this competition. compingcrusader@compersnews.com Thanks again.

Last Thursday (6 August) I received a wonderful email informing me that I had won one of the Grey Goose Martini Sets worth £295. I'm over the moon! :)

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Wow! That sounds like an amazing set! Many congratulations! I would be really interested to know a contact and email address for future reference please? Well done again!
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