BUNNY GIRL (April 13 issue)

The Lindt Gold Bunny recently came to call on Sue Mackinnon… would it bring news of a £10,000 win? 
When Compers News member Kevin Francis went shopping with his brother’s girlfriend, he told her all about the Lindt Gold Bunnies competition and persuaded her to buy a couple. Lo and behold just a few days later Sue Mackinnon had a call to tell her that she was a lucky winner!

The Lindt Bunny Mobile rolled up to Sue’s house and as you’ll know if you’ve been following this comp, each winner gets to choose one of 12 envelopes – eleven of them contain a holiday worth £1,500, but one hides a £10,000 holiday of a lifetime. Which prize would Sue pick?  Sadly the biggie eluded her, but Sue was still thrilled to win a £1,500 holiday and was also left with stacks of delicious Lindt chocolate goodies!