Something For The Weekend - Win a Land Rover with Aqua Pura

Hello again compers!  The Summer Holidays are finally here!  Does this fill you with excitement or dread?  A bit of both here – love having the kids home and spending some good quality time together, but it gets quite tricky juggling all the responsibilities over the summer.  Even if you don’t have kiddos home for the summer, the demands on your time seem to change over the summer – we all want to be out doing things, but the need to work, do housework and other commitments are always I the back of our minds.  What do you have planned for summer?  Do you have any tips for being organised?

If you are heading out on picnics over the summer, you might want to grab a bottle or two of Aqua Pura water to pop in your picnic hamper.  They are running a FANTASTIC on-pack promotion, to win a Land Rover Discovery, worth a minimum of £35,000!  Simply pick up one of 10 million promotional bottles of water and enter the code online for a chance to win.  There is a NPN entry method too, which you can enter by forwarding your name, address and contact number to Aqua Pura Promotion, 71 Woodfield Road, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA14 4ET.  One entry per stamped, addressed envelope, and one entry per person.  The promotion runs until 31st March 2015, so you have plenty of time to enter! 

A car is on most people’s competition Wish Lists (I know it is on mine!), so if you are trying to win a car, here are some other fab current comps:

  • Fat Face have a great competition to win a classic VW Campervan, which the winner can even have personalised!  Entry is simple, pop along to the website and enter your details.  The competition is open to all UK, CI and ROI residents aged 18 or over, with a full driving license, and ends at 23:59 on 30th July 2014. 
  • Fancy a glitzy trip to the Riviera AND a Citroen DS3 car!  Enter via the Benefit website by finding a road trip buddy to go with!  Entries close at 12:00 noon on 29th August 2014, so get entering!
  • The This Morning Summer of Luxury competition is immense - £36,000 in cash, AND a BMW F33 convertible!  Enter your details on the website by 07:30 on 6th September 2014 for your chance to win.
  • Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park has a great competition to win a brand new Peugeot 107, a free holiday or an iPad.  To enter sign up for their deals newsletter via the website by 12th September 2014, and if you refer friends to join then you get extra entries into the draw too!

Happy weekend comping, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all.

Kirsty x   


Hi Kirsty
Thanks for all those car comps!
This week has been absolutely manic, Thursday (my day off) took ages to get here and it was the most manic of all, starting as it did with me going to pick up a parcel before my husband went to work. This was a win of a Claire's goody bag from TOTP magazine - literally a bag with some crocheted flowers as part of the bag and a bracelet and earrings inside. I found out I had won this one by googling my name, Kathryn, on Chatterbox. Organised, me? I just like to play!

You do usually have to chase Immediate Media so I emailed to check and she said I was definitely a winner and the bag was on its way.

I won 2 other prizes this week; both were email notifications so I'm waiting for the goodies. First up, a game 'Anomie' from Toyshop UK, which was an email entry. Hadn't heard f it, but when I googled it, looks quite a good game.

Also, I have been trying to win theme park tickets; Lightwater Valley is closest to us but the only comp I have seen for that is on Facebook. I don't do Facebook, I value my privacy and refuse to go over to the dark side, lol!

There have, however, been lots of comps for Alton Towers tickets, including some with Goodfellas pizza and various big supermarkets. These were posted on Chatterbox but I actually think I did them from the Bits N Pieces section of Compers News last month. An email today to say I have won 4 tickets with the Asda version!

There's another comp to win theme park tickets here: which I found at the cinema, a great source of comps!

Well, only really been managing to enter a few comps on my emails and the magazine exchange, the kids have been up so late I'm miles behind with that too. Going to try and squeeze half an hour in now!

Happy comping!


Hi Kathryn, good to hear form you! Glad it isn't just me who has fallen a bit behind because of the kiddos being home- they do take up precious comping time don't they lol.

Found you this one comp for Lightwater Valley- fingers crossed for it!

Well done on your wins this week that is fab! I have been trying to win tickets for Camp Bestival and Chessington, which are both quite close to us, but despite entering seemingly millions I haven't won any YET!

I have been organising what photo and creative comps we want to be entering over the summer, and have a good list now that we need to try and get moving on over the next few weeks - fingers crossed for some nice wins!

I am just finishing off writing this week's blogs then it is bath and bed for the kiddos - early night as taking them and the eldest's best friend to the zoo tomorrow for my eldest's birthday treat - wish me luck lol!

Happy comping, chat soon - lots of Lucky Dust

Kirsty x

Hi Kirsty

Wishing you luck indeed, hope the zoo was fab!

Thanks for that Lightwater valley comp, duly entered and fingers crossed. I keep entering the Merlin comp every week too and hoping; sure you are already doing it anyway but if not it's

My two were off to Edinburgh on the train with Daddy yesterday (I had to go to work!) and when they got back, they had some 'competitions for mummy.' I was expecting a rail magazine but I was handed three empty capri-sun cartons with codes on to enter. Ah, well, still comps, I suppose.

I need to go through the rest of the comps I was handed from my comp group; done some but never very organised with that, it seems; sometimes I have ended up just binning what's out of date and kicking myself (the last meeting was 10 July!) We usually meet once a month to swap forms, highlight new comps and share what we've won. We also have lunch and it's good fun. There are 14 of us altogether but obviously not everyone can make every meeting.

I too am trying to sort out children's comps for the holidays; I need to connect my iphone to my Twitter account as I always seem to have a problem uploading photos. I think we're going to start with the Nouvelle roll model comp, when we decide who to do!

For now, though, off to the barber's as my son is starting to resemble a monkey with hair all over his face and then off to Granby's for my two tonight - fortunately they love packing suitcases!

Happy comping and lots of luck!


Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for that link, didn't know about that one! Sounds like you have your family well trained too - mine point out comps while we are out too lol. Been out all day at the zoo, beach, McDonalds and then home for some playtime. Just taken my eldest's bestie home so now time for a little work before my 2 go off to bed.

Your comping group sound lovely, wish we had something like that here on the Island! Have managed to convert one of my regular friends to comping, and she even had her first win this month on the Quiet Mark daily comp, so chuffed for her!

Good luck with the kids comps - we are going to have a go at the Clarks perfect school trip one tomorrow morning, as my eldest loves to write!

Happy comping!

Kirsty x