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Just look what some of our Compers News members have won...

Helen being presented with her cheque by Gary Lineker

"I Won £50,000 Cash and Met Gary Lineker!"

Compers News Member: Helen Y.

Susannah on top of a New Zealand mountain on her £25,000 holiday

"I Won a Once-in-a-Lifetime £25,000 Holiday!"

Compers News Member: Susannah W.

Jessica on holiday following her £10,000 win in a Weetabix recipe competition

"I Won £10,000 Cash in a Weetabix Competition!"

Compers News Member: Jessica W.

These members are all regularly winning competitions with help from Compers News

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Over 2,907 people have won big prizes as members of this one-of-kind, exclusive, club for winning competitions. We will show you:

  • How to maximise your chances of winning more and bigger prizes
    We will show you how to go from beginner to winner.
  • How to spot low-entry competitions
    You will literally discover hundreds of PROVEN STRATEGIES for winning competitions.
  • FULL ACCESS to hundreds of top prize competitions every month
    We save you time, money and effort.
  • And so much more...
    Discover member-only competitions, How-to Guides and like-minded friends in our online community.

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We are rated  Trustpilot rating: 4.6 out of 5  on TrustPilot logo.  Read what our members think:

Screenshot of Jennifer's Review of Compers News
Screenshot of Di's Review of Compers News
Screenshot of Catherine's Review of Compers News

These members are all regularly winning competitions with help from Compers News

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…And The Sky Is The Limit For You!

  • If you want to win prizes and don’t know how to start…and are missing out on the massive potential out there for you.
  • If you want to start winning and enjoy the thrill and unlimited chances it provides. You will be exposed to many ideas and action plans for winning online. One is bound to fit your personality and skills.
  • If you’ve struggled to take full advantage of the multiple prizes from 'big brand' competitions from trusted brands like Walkers, McDonalds Monopoly and others.
  • If you want to create an income from winning competitions but you’re not sure what to do or what opportunities to follow.
  • If your winnings are not what you want them to be.
  • If you’re not sure what works and what doesn’t when it comes to entering competitions.
  • If you’re sick of mediocre results and you want to CRUSH it in your life with life-changing wins.
  • If you want to get useful skills and knowledge from people who have won multiple big cash prizes - not people who just talk about it.
  • If you want to boost your income through comping beyond what you ever thought possible.
  • If you want to uncover your online blueprint for ULTIMATE winning success.
  • If you’ve taken redundancy or retirement and want to start a new, profitable hobby...

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A few more winning Compers News members and their prizes...

Gillian attending the Superbowl

"I Won a Holiday in America to Watch the Superbowl!"

Gillian M.

Amanda with her prize of a £5,000 bottle of rare whisky

"I Won a Bottle of Rare Whisky Worth £5,000!"

Amanda G.

Gill with her Fortnum and Mason hamper prize

"I Won a Fortnum & Mason Luxury Hamper!"

Gill S.

These members have all regularly won competitions

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These winning strategies have made many of our members literally thousands of pounds...

They’ve helped me to personally win over £49,000 worth of prizes

And now, they can help YOU, too!

Photo of the Compers News editor: Steve Middleton

My name is Steve Middleton – and for more than 40 years, I’ve been obsessed with winning competitions and life-changing prizes (when you know the winning strategies that actually work).

If you’re on this page right now - You’re part of a special group of savvy people who want real, proven strategies for winning prizes. You’re not looking for some spammy loophole that will close soon - but rather solid strategies for winning you can use.

With Christmas coming up, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to maximise this unique chance – just imagine if you were able to win that expensive games console for your children (or grandchildren), instead of having to buy it? Or perhaps win a once-in-a-lifetime-chance for them to meet their favourite pop star?

Today, I’m the proud editor of Compers News - where myself and my team can share with you the secrets to winning prizes… and living life on your terms… as a member of Compers News.

Prizes you could winHappy Compers News Members

Over the years, the secrets I want to share with you have been very, VERY good to me. This hobby has helped me to:

  • Win a total estimated prize pot of over £49,000 from competitions large and small over the last forty years.
  • Win an amazing round-the-world trip plus holidays to Australia (twice!), Hong Kong, South Africa and the USA (four times!)
  • Win an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas with $10,000 to spend!
  • Win £10,000 cash plus countless 'smaller' prizes like iPhones, TVs, gift cards and other items.
  • Treat my wife and children to wonderful, expensive gifts, all for free.
  • And of course, most importantly, help over 2,907 Compers News members to win prizes that they never thought possible.

...and even more winning Compers News members and their prizes...

Collage of Compers News winners photos

That’s all very interesting Steve, but why are you sharing lucrative information with me in Compers News?

I feel it’s my mission and passion in life right now to share the massive potential out there for anyone - when you know how to win - the right way.

It’s a rush… a joy for me to see people’s prize-winning take off with the techniques you’ll discover as a member of Compers News.

…Or to have someone come up to me and show me a photo of their prize… after acting on just one of the many competitions I shared with them in Compers News.

It’s taken me years of searching and testing and trying new things to come up with the successful strategies I outline in Compers News.

I talk to a lot of people these days and many of them have the same complaints. They are tired of not seeing the results they should be seeing when they enter competitions – because they don’t know how to do it effectively.

You may feel left behind by the recent wave of social media competitions. Or, maybe you are disillusioned with them because those types of competitions get so many entries. Hint: I'll show you better, less-well-known types of competitions...

OR you may be too busy to enter hundreds of competitions every month and you want to find a way that fits your own personality and time limits.

I can help you...

When I started, there were no guides to winning and certainly very few lists of competitions to save me time – I spent 90% of my time JUST finding the competitions!

So, over the last fifteen years, I’ve spent literally thousands of hours putting together easy-to-understand listings of UK competitions, specifically for people who want to win prizes, yet save their precious spare time.

Combining my own experience and the experience of several highly successful winners, Compers News explains – in detail – effective strategies and techniques that have been tested and proven to help you win prize competitions.

And don’t worry…

If you feel left behind – it’s not your fault!

If you feel you missed the wave when it comes to taking full advantage of winning prizes - you are not to blame.

You probably got the wrong information so far… Or poor quality information.

I have solid proven strategies to share with you.

My goal at Compers News is simple, it's to help you:

  • win more prizes with my PROVEN strategies and tips.
  • by researching and verifying hundreds of genuine, UK competitions for you.
  • save you time, by providing all the information in a handy format, every month.
  • connect with like-minded members who share the same passions about their hobby.

Unlimited potential for winning prizes lies ahead

How would you like to know...

  • How to spot low-entry competitions that are easier to win.
  • How to win a prize in the next 90 days.
  • How to make entering prizes enjoyable and fun.
  • How to know where to focus your energy for maximum chances of winning.
  • How to put the power of the internet to work for you to find exactly the prizes you want.
  • How to receive a never-ending stream of qualified, genuine UK competitions.
  • How to put your comping on autopilot so you can spend more time on the golf course… or doing whatever you love.

Compers News has changed many of our members' lives forever... Are you next?

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Some Compers News Member Feedback On Trustpilot

"I have been a member of Compers News for many years. It’s invaluable to me in so many ways. The competition listings are very well researched so you can rely on the information. The magazine caters to new compers with hints and tips as well as up to date info for us established compers. The linked online forums at Chatterbox are really useful as they are kept up to date on a daily basis by fellow members. Getting a “heads up” about a brand new comp means you can enter before others even know about it. With “instant wins”, this can be very useful. There is a first class community spirit on Chatterbox. I have won many, many excellent prizes over the years and I can thank the information from Compers News for the majority of them. I would never be without it. Worth every penny."


”I love Compers News, and have just seen on my profile that I have been a subscriber now for over 10 years. The magazine is full of competitions and there is a digital version available online about a week in advance of the one arriving through your letterbox. The Chatterbox forum is also a wonderful community, with lots of inspiration and support and new competitions. I would definitely recommend a subscription, for yourself or as a great gift. Comping is the best hobby ever and I wouldn't be without my Compers News!"

Carmen Bateman

”I have always enjoyed entering competitions so when I discovered Compers News I immediately took out a subscription - it ranks as one of my best decisions. I've been a member now of this great community for well over 10 years, as an older subscriber I would never have heard of or seen many of the competitions listed. Most importantly they list start and closing dates, purchase needed and what I could win!

This publication has totally enriched my life and that of my family. Some of the many prizes I have won include cash, numerous store and supermarket gift cards, garden equipment, a KitchenAid mixer, washing machine, weekends away and best of all a brand new car."

Mary Campbell

”Want to win some fabulous prizes? Take out a subscription to Compers News. Gives you access to loads of brilliant competitions, in-house competitions and the Chatterbox forum open to subscribers only.

No need to buy every magazine in the Newsagents - get access to answers on the Chatterbox forum. This on-line forum is like the Compers news magazine - run by compers for compers who really want to win wonderful prizes. I know, because I have been lucky entering competitions from there over the last 10 years minimum. Over the last two years I went to Orlando, Paris, Warsaw, London and had a lovely week in Yorkshire and it didn't cost me a penny- all from competitions from Compers News.

Previously have won TV's, Dishwasher, Fridge, Freezer, groceries galore and many prizes money can't buy. Don't delay, you will get your subscription price back ten-fold with wins advertised in Compers News or the Chatterbox forum."

Irene Wright

And remember…this is exclusive information

Only a tiny fraction of people in the UK get access to our competition listings and techniques.

Most people are out there chasing 'mass-market' social media competitions with dubious prizes and insane odds of winning.

The people entering these competitions usually have no real knowledge or experience winning prizes.

There are other competition magazines – but none, where the editors have the same proven track record as myself and my colleagues.

We only show you strategies we have used ourselves… Strategies that work.

Strategies that win prizes.

Insider information you have been missing out on, because you never knew it was there!

When people have been exposed to this information…

Lives have literally been transformed

I can’t make you do the work - but I can promise if you take these ideas - and implement them - you cannot help but succeed with a little time and patience.

Compers News will help you:

  • Discover genuine, UK competitions with top prizes run by trusted brands.
  • Boost your chances of winning through proven strategies.
  • Save you time and energy searching for competitions and elusive information.
  • Inspire you with uplifting winners' stories and tips.
  • Find like-minded members online who share the same passion for competitions.


And don’t worry.
Compers News is perfect for those with no experience

The strategies you will discover do not require any experience.

You don’t need to be ‘tech savvy’ or already know how competitions work.

Everything is explained in an easy to follow manner.

You will never be left wondering what to do next.

You will be given SIMPLE action plans to follow.

It’s so simple a five-year-old could make these work.

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Don’t go it alone…

You could spend weeks, months or years trying to figure out these tips yourself.

Make life easy on yourself.

Get instant access to hundreds of well-researched, thoroughly vetted UK competitions and proven strategies from previous winners who have got real results from using them.

And make sure you…

Don’t get left behind…

Whether you only enter a few competitions a month or hundreds… one thing is for sure…

You need these techniques, tips, tricks and strategies.

If you don’t join us - you are at a massive disadvantage.

Don’t get left behind. Don’t miss out on all Compers News has to improve your winning chances.

Compers News has changed the lives of hundreds of regular people, just like you… Are YOU next?

"I have been a member since it began and always look forward to receiving the magazine and read the Chatterbox messages daily... I've won 39 holidays, 3 cruises and spa weekends etc plus many other prizes including £2 & 1/2 K diamonds of my choice, also many computers, tvs, white goods, shopping vouchers and cheques etc this magazine gives value for money and I always recommend it."

Rose Alcroft

"Great for compers. Have subscribed for about 2 years. Before I won very few competitions. Since subscribing I have won a lot more competitions and really like the online Chatterbox area where people discuss competitions and what they have won. I also like that you still get a paper copy through the post as well as being able to view online"


"I have been a member for more than 10 years and have won all kinds of wonderful prizes from small to big. Many household items including a washing machine and UK breaks and holidays - wouldn’t consider any other magazine. Stuffed full with new comps, in-house comps, comping info and more, it is well worth the subscription.

As a member you can also access the online forum Chatterbox which is invaluable as members post new comps all the time and we share news and views. You can also access the digital copy of Compers News a few days before the hard copy drops through your letterbox. A no brainer really!"


"I have been a Compers News member for many years and it has brought me some lovely wins including home makeover, holidays, flights, TVs, cash, vouchers etc etc. Subscribing to the magazine gives access to Chatterbox forum where members post new competitions before most people know about them, which gives you a great advantage in getting in an early entry."


"I have subscribed to Compers News for several years, it really does pay for itself. There are of course competition listings, split by type (e.g. web entry, text entry, postal entry etc) but in addition in house competitions and editorials and articles. I look forward to receiving my copy each month."

Alex T.

"Compers News is the best magazine - everything you need to help you win amazing prizes - shame it is only monthly! Thanks to Compers News I have won some amazing prizes from TV's to holidays - and even a car!"

Sharon Buchalter

"I've been a subscriber for many years and highly recommend it. I have won so many wonderful prizes including money-can't-buy holiday experiences. I've just returned from the Super Bowl in America – a trip I won thanks to Compers News. They have an excellent online forum which you get access to when a subscriber, a place where you can to chat to like minded friendly helpful compers."

Gilly M. McDonald

Here’s a sneak peak at what you get
inside Compers News each month

Our printed 40-page colour magazine delivered to your door each month

  • Packed with hundreds of new, genuine prize competitions from top UK brands – Prizes worth tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Suggested answers and expert winning advice. All the information you need to enter the competition.
  • How-to guides and competition news from the community’s top experts.
  • Inspiring and informative winners stories.
  • No third-party advertising.

Complimentary Digital Editions of the magazine every month

  • We don't charge you extra for the digital magazine.
  • Our digital version of the magazine comes in two formats.
  • Contains clickable links for easy competition entries.
  • FULL online access to our ENTIRE back issue catalogue.

Member-only competitions worth thousands of pounds each year

  • Exclusive to our small membership – better odds for you!
  • We give away hundreds of pounds worth of high street gift cards every, single month.
  • Pay for your membership fee with just a single win!

Access to our secret online community forum: Chatterbox

  • Discover even more competitions.
  • Discuss winning strategies with your fellow members.
  • Share access codes and the very latest updates.
  • Find inspiration and support from like-minded members – we are a friendly bunch!

Plus unlimited downloads of all our How-to Guides and eBooks!

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Don't miss out on this opportunity…

We don't advertise Compers News very frequently so that we remain 'under the radar'. We won't be repeating today's offer again for another full year.

You need to hurry if you would like to join us.

We are ready and waiting and to help you start winning prize competitions.

Do not miss out on this opportunity.

I urge you to act today, right now…While it’s fresh in your mind

In my experience, the most successful winners take action. They see a good opportunity and they act upon it…immediately.

If you do not act today and join us

You may never take this vital step.

Make sure to take action now. Do not wait around. Do not dawdle on this decision.

ACT NOW and join us

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P.S. I’m so proud of what we’ve created here... and how many successful winners we’ve helped in the past 14 years I've been editor. But I’m just as proud of the team that makes it all possible. We will bend over backwards to help you succeed — and we’re always just an email away!

And if you have any doubt as to how much our members love Compers News — and the service we provide —look no further than the impeccable record we have. Start your journey to winning today.

Your Free Gift

If you’ve come this far, I want to give you a free gift.

And that free gift is some invaluable advice - I wish someone had given me when I first started entering competitions.

Look - The fastest way to start winning – is to use the past experience of someone who has done it before you.

I’ve been on the winning journey you are beginning right now.

I’ve made the mistakes along the way you can avoid.

The experts you will hear from within Compers News can tell you exactly what to do - to avoid any wasted time and effort on your journey.

Indecision and waiting around kills most people’s ambitions stone dead.

You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this opportunity – and as the saying goes... "you've got to be in it to win it!"



Don’t get left behind.
Improve your winning chances with Compers News.

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