Organise your life and your comping with our brand new Compers News Year Planner! Plus you have the chance to win a share of an exclusive £1,500+ prize pool.

Our Guess The Year feature each month in Compers News is very popular, and we regularly receive requests to include more classic comping memories in the magazine. Also, completely out of the blue, a reader recently asked us if we had any plans to revive the old Accolade Comping Planner that we last produced way back in 2007. Which gave us a great idea…

Exclusive monthly comps and prizes that only Compers News Year Planner owners can win!

We’ve put together a very special Compers News Year Planner, which we think will make the perfect gift for yourself or your comping friends. We’ve only produced a single, strictly-limited print run so ORDER TODAY while stocks last.

Get Organised and Get Winning!

So, if you want to be a better organised comper during 2018, you enjoy a trip down comping’s Memory Lane, and you want the chance to win a share of an exclusive £1,500+ prize pool, then place your order today.

How much does the Year Planner cost?

The Compers News Year Planner costs just £5 which includes priority dispatch by first-class post.

Special Gift Pack Offer

Take advantage of our special gift pack offer – which includes FIVE copies of the Year Planner PLUS a FREE Compers News enamel badge – for just £20.

You can either give the extra copies as gifts, or keep them for yourself to give yourself additional chances in our £1,000 jackpot challenge (you’ll need an original entry form from the Year Planner for each jackpot attempt you make).


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